Teckels Québec (TQc) is a non-profit organization devoted to the rescue and re-homing of Dachshunds and Dachshunds mixes. We provide loving foster homes for rescued Dachsies and very carefully, screen all interested adopters. Our promise to every single one of our dogs : that he will never again be abused, homeless or feel rejected.

Our organization is funded by donations and fundraisers. The cost of vet care usually exceeds the adoption fee so your generosity is vital to our survival. Donations can be made safely with Paypal.com (donations shall be sent to: teckels.qc@gmail.com) or by cheque (please contact us for more info), you can also check out our store for fundraising items. Thank you so much for helping us rescue more Dachshunds in need!

Q. Can I adopt one of your dog if I live in Ontario?
A. You most certainly can! Though CDR and TQc work separately, we often collaborate on getting TQc’s dogs adopted in Ontario and vice-versa. However, we don’t have the membership or leadership presence to handle adoptions outside of Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic coast.
Q. I’ve already filled Canadian Dachshund Rescue’s adoption form, what if I’m also interested in adopting from TQc? Do I need to fill your application as well?
A. No, you don’t. Just make sure to mention to your representant your interest for Teckels Qc’s dogs.
Q. Can I volunteer for your organization even if I don’t speak French?
A. Sure!

Please click here for more information on adoption and to view our available dogs.